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The Tramontina COOK VISION makes daily cooking healthier, easier and up to 50% faster due to its internal low pressure. With its innovative design and simple operation, the Tramontina COOK VISION can be used for multiple purposes in the kitchen and makes cooking enjoyable.

The airtight glass lid lets you keep an eye on the food while it is cooking, and it can also be opened at any time to top up liquids, taste food or add seasoning without disrupting the cooking process. Better still, the lid is opened easily with the patented one-hand opening and closing mechanism without complicated procedures to release pressure.

You can also customise the colours of you COOK VISION by purchasing one of the available colours gaskets under Cook Vision Spare Parts.



Exclusive patented valve system keeps internal pressure regulated just so you can open and close the CookVision pots at any time during the cooking process.You can also close the lid by placing it in any position!

The CookVision Glass Lid allows you to check the need of extra liquid or seasoning during the cooking process without disturbing the internal, built pressure.

Tramontina CookVision is a very easy to operate and does not require a long time to get used to. Simply put the lid on and it will cook 50% faster than ordinary cookware.

Just like a pressure cooker, more foods’ nutrients are kept due to its cooking process where less liquid is needed to cook with.

comparison-of-cooking-methods cooking-time-comparison


Always add a minimum of 250ml of liquids when cooking with low pressure to prevent food from burning.

Never fry under low pressure (with lid on).

The Tramontina cook vision is not suitable for ovens.

Dishwasher safe for body parts only. Use only original replacement parts and always clean valves and gasket after each use.

Always keep the cook vision out of reach of children and never leave the cook vision unattended when it is working under pressure.

Do not exceed the maximum capacity when cooking under low pressure.

Excess froth created by foods must be skimmed off before closing the cooker.

Always remove the cook vision lid after you finish cooking with it. If left on the cooker, the lid may suffer from a vacuum pull, break or shatter.

Please refer tu User Manual for full instructions and Trouble Shooting.




The Tramontina COOK VISION takes a long time to come to the boil.
  • The heat source is not hot enough
  • Turn up the heat source to maximum.
  • Check if your lid is properly closed/put on.
The pressure indicator does not rise, and during cooking no steam escapes from the valve.


  • This is perfectly normal in the first few minutes

If this persists, check whether:

  • The heat source is hot enough; if not, turn it up
  • There is sufficient liquid in the cooker
  • The Tramontina COOK VISION lid is closed properly
  • The sealing ring or the rim of the cooker is not damaged
My Cook Vision did not come with a Silicone Cap for the Valve.
  • Your silicone cap comes in the same package as the lid. Please refer to the image below for reference.


* The colour on the image above are illustrative only.


Steam or Water escapes from all around the lid.
  • Check the lid is properly closed;
  • Check if cooker is filled with less than 2/3 of its volume;
  • Check the sealing ring is properly fitted;
  • Check the condition of the sealing ring (if necessary, replace it by purchasing a new one online at;
  • Check if the lid and the safety valve are clean;
  • Check that the rim of the cooker is in good order;
  • Reduce the amount of liquid in the cooker.
The food is being undercooked or overcooked.
  • Verify the cooking time;
  • Check the hotplate output (may be high or too low);
  • Check the amount of liquid in the pot;
The food being cooked has burnt onto the cooker.
  • Leave your Tramontina COOK VISION to soak for a good time before cleaning;
  • Do not use any caustic cleaners or cleaners containing chlorine;
  • Next time, make sure there's enough liquid inside the cooker at all time during the cooking process in order to avoid burning; Reduce the heat.
The lid, handles or any other spare part broke and needs to be replaced.
  • Spare parts are subject to wear, and they are not covered under the manufacturing defects warranty. (please refer to
  • Visit us online at, under Cookware > Cook Vision > Spare Parts and purchase your spare part online.
  • Alternatively, Contact Tramontina Customers Service in Australia at or 1800 110 885 within Australia or +61 2 9674 1799 overseas for guidance on how to purchase the spare part online.
  • Please note a few spare parts may not be suitable to be sent to customer due to safety reasons. Refer to the product's description in order to find out whether this product can be shipped, or whether Tramontina needs to receive your cookware lid for repair. All costs on spare parts and post and handling are the responsibility of the customer, unless a manufacturing defect is found during Tramontina tests.
My glass lid broke or shattered.
  • Although the Cook Vision glass lid is resistant to impact, dropping it on the floor may shatter or break your lid. Be careful when handling the lid.
  • Do not expose Glass lid to open flame or heat source.
  • Always remove your CookVision lid after finishing your meal. If lid is kept on the cooker for long periods of time after you finished cooking, vacuum starts building inside and the excessive pull from the pressure may cause the glass to shatter. To avoid this, always remove the lid within a reasonable period of time after finishing your meal.
I couldn’t find the answer on this troubleshooting list.
  • Contact in-store staff or Tramontina Customers Service in Australia at or 1800 110 885 within Australia or +61 2 9674 1799 overseas.