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How to: Pressure Cookers

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Pressure cooking is a way of cooking food in liquid using a gasket-sealed pan to retain steam and build pressure. By increasing the pressure inside the pan, the boiling point of the liquid in the pressure cooker is raised to 110˚C to 118°C, some 10˚C to 18°C higher than normal boiling point. The increased temperature of the water and steam causes the fibres of the food to break down more quickly, and shortens the cooking time by up to 70 per cent.

These guidelines are general information and instructions on how to operate, care for & trouble shoot a pressure cooker. Each Tramontina pressure cooker model has its own methods of releasing pressure and other specifics. Before using, please refer to the User Manual enclosed in the Pressure Cooker Box.


 time  healthier  multifunction
Saves up to 70% in cooking time. On average, a pressure cooker cooks food up to three times faster than conventional cooking methods. Meals that can take up to one hour to cook by conventional methods can be ready in less than 20 minutes with a pressure cooker.
The More vitamins and minerals are retained in foods cooked in a pressure cooker due to the shorter cooking time.
A Tramontina pressure cooker can be used for steaming, simmering, stewing and even defrosting. You can save on cooking time for everything from delicate soups and desserts to hearty meat dishes such as casseroles.
energy body flames
As the pressure cooker reduces cooking time it also saves energy.
The 18/10 Stainless Steel body is rust resistant and the bakelite handles are heat resistant.
Suitable to cook on gas, ceramic, electric and induction stove tops. Not suitable to go in the oven.



Pressure cooking will reduce the cooking time by up to 70% when comparing to ordinary cookware. We have put together a time chart for your reference so you can become a pro at Pressure Cooking.


* Cooking times shown above are guidelines only, due to the variations in tenderness of meat and vegetables. Adjust to suit your own taste.



Different cooking methods have a different outcome in a variety of elements such as taste, vesatility, energy consumpsion, among others. Please refer to the chart below to see the Tramontina Fast Cooker’s performance in laboratory and kitchen tests.


(Product test April 2013, Ilona Berg, Diplom-Oecotrophologin)
1= very good, 5=insufficient


62517800_2Yellow 8L Solar Pressure Cooker (or 6L)
ref. 62517/800 or 62517/600
7.6L Pressure Cooker
with Steamer Basket
ref. TRAS0506
pc_bigw_27L Pressure Cooker with Glass Lid & Steamer Basket
ref. TRAS0511
ViewDownload ViewDownload
tras0512_low_pressurecooker_6l6L Solar Pressure Cooker
w/ Steamer Basket & Trivet
ref. TRAS0512
tras05366L Pressure Cooker with w/ Steamer Basket & Trivet
ref. TRAS0536
ViewDownload ViewDownload





18/10 Stainless Steel Body
  • Highly resistant to corrosion/rust
  • Does not release toxic residues into foods
  • Long lifespan, and therefore, long term value.
  • Better withstands scratches and dings.
  • Can be used a normal stock pot when lid
    is not in place.
  • Dishwasher safe (body only)
Triple Layered Bottom
  • Distributes heat evenly (without becoming too hot in one only spot).
  • Prevents foods from burning
  • Saves energy due to the even heat distribution
Bakelite Handles


  • Prevents you from burning your hands
  • Heat resistant (harder to heat and melt)
Safety Valve & Pressure Valve
  • Keep low internal pressure constant, which does not allow pressure to go over 50kpa or 90kpa when pot is used under normal conditions.




Where can I find basic instructions on how to use the Pressure Cooker?
  • In the User Manual enclosed in your pressure cooker  box. Download the User Manual by searching your Pressure Cooker model using the Search bar on the website and click on the Downloads Tab at the bottom of the page.
  • Watch the General Tramontina Pressure Cooker How-To video online at 
Pressure Cooker takes a long time to come to boil

  • The heat source is not high enough. Turn up source of heat to maximum.
The pressure indicator does not rise.
  • This is perfectly normal in the first few minutes

If this persists, check whether:

  • There is enough liquid inside the cooker(at least 250ml)
  • The pressure regulator valve is set to “0” position. As the zero position does not build pressure, change pressure setting to number 1 or 2.
  • The pressure cooker is closed properly.
  • The sealing gasket is in good condition and rim of the cooker is damaged. (in case of damage, contact Tramontina Customer Service at 1800 110 885 or send and email to
The safety pin has risen, and during the cooking process no steam escapes from the pressure regulator valve.
  • Remove pressure cooker from the heat source and wait until the pin has come down.
  • Open and cooker and clean the Pressure Regulator Valve & Safety Valve.
  • Make sure there is enough liquid inside the cooker (at least 250ml).
Steam or liquid escapes from the lid or handles.
  • Check whether lid is properly closed.
  • Check the sealing ring is properly fitted and clean
  • Check the condition of the sealing ring. It is recommended that the sealing gasket is changed once every year.
  • Check whether the rim of the cooker is in good order and there are no bumps or damages on the cooks pot body and lid.
The lid can not be opened. Generally, the lid can not be opened during or after cooking due to the Pressure Cooker internal Pressure.

  • Check whether the safety pin has dropped down completely; if not, release the pressure using one of the methods described in the User Manual or simply by removing the cooker from the heat source and waiting until the safety pin has dropped down.
  • Check whether lid has been placed correctly when closing the cooker. Closing the lid in the wrong way can cause the lid to get stuck.
The food being cooked has burnt onto the cooker.
  • Leave your pressure cooker to soak for a good time before cleaning it.
  • Do not use any caustic cleaners or cleaners containing chlorine.
The food is either not fully cooked or overcooked.
  • Verify the cooking time. The recipe book cooking time is a reference only. Tenderness and texture tend to vary on meats and vegetables. Please adjust the cooking time accordingly.
  • Check the amount of liquid inside the cooker (at least 250ml)
  • Check the hotplate output. The heat may be too high during the cooking process, what makes the liquid evaporated quicker and burn food.

Check whether you are using the correct Pressure Setting

(1 or 2) for the cooking time.

One of the safety devices was triggered.
  • Carefully turn off the heat source and remove the cooker from it.
  • Allow the cooker to cool down naturally. (Do not force cooling or moving the cooker or lid.)
  • Open it, following the user manual instructions
  • Check whether the Pressure Regulator valve, Sealing gasket and other valves are not clogged. Clean them.
The lid, handles or any other spare part broke and needs to be replaced.
  • Use only original spare parts from Tramontina Pressure Cookers.
  • Each Pressure Cooker model has its own spare parts and they can not be reused in another model.
  • Find Spare parts online on Tramontina website under Cookware > Pressure Cookers > Spare Parts or ask in-store staff about availability.
  • Alternativelly, contact in-store staff or Tramontina Customers Service in Australia at or 1800 110 885 within Australia or +61 2 9674 1799 overseas for more information.
Why some spare parts can not be shipped to me?
  • Although the current Tramontina Pressure Cooker models are of the highest quality and has a variety of safety mechanisms, some precautions must be taken when using and replacing spare parts.
  • For safety reasons and warranty assurance, all spare parts physically connected to the lid need to be replaced by Tramontina’s technical support in Sydney.
How to maintain the original shine of the Stainless Steel?
  • Tramontina has developed a special cleaning paste for Stainless Steel cookware. This paste can be found online together with Spare Parts & Accessories.
I couldn’t find the answer on this troubleshooting list.
  • Contact in-store staff or Tramontina Customers Service in Australia at or 1800 110 885 within Australia or +61 2 9674 1799 overseas.