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  • CookVision: Vegetable Stock
    CookVision: Vegetable Stock
    Make your own fresh stock, use on the same day with your dishes or store in the fridge for 3 days. Stock can also be frozen to last longer. Full of flavour and well worth the cooking time! Chicken stock is one of the few versatile stocks. It can be used in vegetable dishes in order to add extra flavour.
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  • Churrasco: Picanha Recipe
    Churrasco: Picanha Recipe
    Recipe Video: Picanha is the most famous piece of Brazilian Barbecue. In english, Picanha can be found as “Rump Cap” in the best meat shops.
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  • How to: Pressure Cookers
    How to: Pressure Cookers
    Learn how to operate, care for & trouble shoot a Tramontina Pressure Cooker. Guidelines and general Information.
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  • Knives Care Instructions
    Knives Care Instructions
    Learn how to clean, store and properly care of your Tramontina Kitchen Knives & Professional Knives
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